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A Rare Treasure

 A Rare Treasure
 Life History: 1905-1986 Hua Hu Feh (The Fancy Butterfly)
 Training: Ch'ang Fen Yen; Discipline, Patience, and Perseverance
 Art Forms: Not Only Shuai-Chiao
 Shuai-Chiao: Styles, Techniques, and Principles
 The Real Ch'ang Tung Shen
 Ch'ang Shih Tai Chi Ch'uan: The Book

Ch'ang Tung Sheng travelled throughout much of China, consistently defeating all challengers. In 1933 Master Ch'ang won the national Kung Fu match as heavyweight Grand Champion of China. Throughout the remainder of his life he held the undefeated title in Kung Fu combat.

A traditional Chinese expression enumerates four levels a kung fu practitioner must pass through to reach the highest expertise.

chang signatureThe first level is tan (courage), a brave, fearless spirit; second, lit (power), which refers to the development of strength in muscles, tendons, and sinews. The third is kung fu (hard work) which means applying the dedication and perseverance necessary to learn. And finally there is ye (art), the expression of the very highest level, in which all techniques can be used effectively and effortlessly, demonstrating complete mastery of a style.

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Few practitioners of any era can be said to have possessed all four of those qualities sufficiently to earn the title, Grandmaster. Any teacher who has gone through the arduous training and reached the highest of these levels is indeed a rare treasure. And without question, one such martial artist was Ch'ang Tung Sheng, respected throughout the world as a genuine Grandmaster of shuai-chiao, the art of Chinese wrestling.

"A Kung Fu man remains strong naturally. Coherence of different arts and skillful appliance of them is the main point for him while practicing. Full vigor leads to a successful career and constant discipline is the only key."

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