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Signs of a Good School

  1. Be sure that the school teaches the three great pillars of Shao-lin, if not you are wasting your time.
  2. Be sure the teacher has a family tree showing his past teachers and is willing to tell you who they are.
  3. Be sure money is not the motivating factor for the teacher. Of course, finances are needed to run a school, but it should not be an excessive amount.
  4. Check to see that the teacher's past is what he or she claims it to be. Many teachers have little connection to what they claim. If they are true teachers their past should be no secret.
  5. If you hear negative reports concerning a teacher, there might be some truth to it. It should be investigated.
  6. The school should be well equipped and run in a orderly manner.
  7. Notice the teachers attitude. Is he or she concerned with your well being and growth?
  8. Notice if the head teacher is actually teaching him/herself.
  9. Notice if there are too many instructor levels. Rank does not come easily in a true school.
  10. Call other top schools in the same art form and see what they have to say about the teacher you are considering. They should have at least heard of him or her.
  11. If the teacher's past masters are still alive, contact them and check to see what they have to say about them. In many cases you will find a break in the traditional family tree. Remember, if the teacher you are choosing can't follow the Wu-De how can they pass this knowledge to you?
  12. Traditional schools do not use contracts. They want you only if you want them.
  13. Try a class and see if you are getting some attention. Of course group instruction does not mean you get full attention, however, the head teacher should give you a fair amount in proportion to everybody else in the group.
  14. Check the teacher's credentials as best you can. Most can be tracked down to the source if you try. A good teacher should gladly furnish you with any information you request.
  15. Check to be sure your teacher does not center on fighting only. Shao-lin is more than just fighting. If he or she is always talking about how many trophies they have won, beware. A good teacher is never a trophy hunter. Of course a school may have won various trophies, but seldom is this a main reason to join a school.
  16. Check to see that school offers more than just techniques. It should consist of many lectures, as well as hands on techniques.
  17. Speak to the students and see if their attitude is friendly and open to you. A student usually reflects the teacher. Of course, look toward the more advanced students for this comparison.
  18. Check to see who runs the schools. In a traditional school it is the students who do most of the work. This is Shao-lin tradition. The teacher mainly oversees that all is running well in accordance with Wu-De.
  19. A true school always has a shrine and pictures of his or her past masters displayed.
  20. A true school never closes the door on you. You should be able to utilize the school whenever possible.

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