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The Need for Values

Dadi Junki who is the head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Mt. Abu India has said the following about values: "At the time of crisis, we are again at a point of recognizing the need for values."

grandmaster An orphaned child feels insecure, unloved, and unwanted; one without a life of values feels the same. Values are our "parents" — the human soul is matured by the values it holds. A sense of security and comfort comes through values in one 's life. Values are the treasure of life, making humans wealthy and rich. Values are friends, bringing happiness in life.

A life filled with values is a life of self-respect and dignity. The soul is able to come closer to God, and life becomes real and meaningful. Values bring independence and freedom, expand the capacity to be self-sufficient, and liberate one from external influences. The soul develops the ability to discern truth and to follow the path of truth. Values offer protection, and one who experiences this is able to share this protection with others. Values bring empowerment, and it becomes possible to remove weaknesses and defects.

As the innate goodness of the individual is concentrated on values, the link with God becomes strong and clear. Service is then rendered to others through thoughts, words, and actions. A soul with values is not trapped by any limited desires or attractions, but remains stable in the unlimited. Values open the heart and transform human nature so that life is filled with compassion ad humility. As we develop values within the self, we share the fragrance of those values with the world around us, and in this way move forward to a better world.

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